In the wake of COVID-19 the World Health Organisation has recommended the use of a number of specific hand sanitiser formulations. These formulations are tried and tested by the WHO for their efficiency. WHO has recommended using alcohol-based hand rubs for routine hand antisepsis in most clinical situations. The formulation used in our hand rubs can be used for both personal hygiene and presurgical hand preparation. 


WHO formulations have been tested and are deemed efficient according to EN1500 standards, which tests the microbiocidal activity of the formulation. 

Notice of Changes 

As a result of this, our formulation will be changing to keep up with this advice. Although our previous formulation is an efficient 70% alcohol content, in order to make our hand rub available to a wider market, we have chosen to increase the alcohol content to 75% and remove our fragrance. 

About Our Hand Sanitisers

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, commonly referred to as SARS-CoV-2. Coronavirus is also known as novel coronavirus, which means it is a new strain of virus previously unknown to virologists. 

Hand sanitisers that kill viruses, in particular hand sanitisers that kill coronavirus, are currently in high demand. But with so many hand sanitisers for coronavirus suddenly appearing on the market, it’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer that you can trust.  

Biofree Hygiene Hand Rub is a UK-made hand sanitiser consisting of a 75% alcohol formulation: an active substance intended to destroy or make harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, inactive. 

Taken from a large UK stock holding and manufactured on-site, all formulations of Biofree 75% alcohol hand sanitiser are blended, filled, printed and labelled at our 60,000 square ft premises. With over two-hundred staff working across two shifts, we are able to process your orders for ready-made wholesale hand sanitisers within forty-eight hours. We stock small hand sanitisers, large hand sanitisers and bulk hand sanitisers suitable for use across a wide range of sectors. 

Alcohol hand sanitiser provides several health protective benefits while being conveniently sized for use on the go. Perfect for the workplace, hand sanitiser works quickly to kill microorganisms and reduce bacterial counts on the hands when soap and water might not be accessible. What’s more, they do not promote antimicrobial resistance. Biofree Hygiene Hand Rub is a compact hand sanitiser spray that can be used as an effective travel hand sanitiser and holiday hand sanitiser. 

Biofree Hygiene Hand Rub is suitable for use as a trade hand sanitiser and as a retail hand sanitiser, serving as an ultra-portable, non-drying hand sanitiser for viruses. 

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